"When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."-Peter
The zombies have started to take over, Martial Law has been set in and people are seeking shelter from the living dead. A group of four people manage to get away, only to end up in a shopping mall, where they make both a home and stop what zombies they can. But the peace doesn't last long when a army of bikers strikes letting the zombies in.


Peace didn't last or at least for those, that were in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but now the sequel without the LIVING DEAD title (now just DEAD), picks up with a new cast of people, that seek refugee in a mall. (My dream come true!) There everything goes perfectly until the plot turns talky and the bikers let the zombies in. (Who's idea was the bikers, I mean come on, the zombies were more frightening. Thanks to Tom Savini-except for the nurse, that appears in almost every zombie sequence.) The other thing, that didn't keep this movie up to the original films effect was how the zombies were cut off from the people during the middle half but they have a major part like the rest. Still in all, a good zombie movie, one of my favorites in fact.



If you've seen the movie, you've read the book, that's the best way to put this adaptation. Like Russo's adaptation, the book goes more indepth and highlights the emotional moments, that the characters suffer through in strong pretenses. What this book left me wondering: Was George actually an author on the book or did Miss Sparrow write the book?

It's a good question but this book is worth the read, had Romero not written or not.


This edition is one of the many formats released in the 1970s, this particular edition services the hardback format.  Other editions are more heavily paperback oriented and bear the infamous "face" poster.


This package comes from an SPI game released in 1978.

This is one of the three action figures released with the ZOMBIE / DAWN OF THE DEAD title attached.


Quotes from Dawn of the Dead (Divimax Edition):

Fran and Stephen are observing from the roof of the mall
Francine Parker: What are they doing? Why do they come here?
Stephen: Some kind of instinct. Memory, of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.

about to run a gantlet of zombies
Peter: You game?
Roger: I need lighter fluid.
Peter: You got it.

Old Priest: Many have died, last week, on these streets. In the basement of this building, you will find them. I have given them the last rites, now, you do what you will. You are stronger than us... But soon, I think they be stronger than you. When the dead walk, señores, we must stop the killing... or lose the war.

Dr. Millard Rausch, Scientist: Dummies! Dummies! Dummies!

Dr. Millard Rausch, Scientist: This isn't the Republicans versus the Democrats, where we're in a hole economically or... or we're in another war. This is more crucial than that. This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line. There can be no more divisions among the living!

In defense of Spam
Roger: Don't knock it. It's got its own key.

Peter: When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Dr. Foster: Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills. The people it kills get up and kill.

Dr. Foster: This situation must be controlled before it's too late. They're multiplying too rapidly!

Dr. Foster: They kill for one reason: they kill for food. They eat their victims, you understand that Mr. Berman? That's what keeps them going.

Dr. Millard Rausch, Scientist: Normally, the first question is, "Are these cannibals?" No, they are not. Cannibalism in the truest sense of the word implies an interspecies activity. These creatures PREY on humans. They do not prey on each other, that's the difference. They attack and they feed ONLY on warm flesh. Intelligence? Seemingly little or no reasoning power, but some retain basic skills that they learned in their former life. These creatures are nothing but pure, motorized instinct. We must not be lulled by the concept that they are our family members or our friends. They are not. They will not respond to such emotion.
The gathered crowd starts arguing
Dr. Millard Rausch, Scientist: They MUST be destroyed in SIGHT!

SWAT guy: Shoot it man. Shoot it in the head.

TV Director: Roll the rescue stations.
TV Producer: Half those stations have been knocked out.
TV Director: Get me another list.
TV Producer: Sure, I'll just pull one out of my ass, right?

Mr. Berman: People aren't willing to accept your solutions, doctor, and I for one don't blame them!


Peter: Ain't it a crime.
Stephen: What?
Peter: The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.

Stephen: We've got to survive! Somebody's got to survive!

Camera man: Go ahead and leave. We'll be off the air by midnight; the emergency networks are taking over. Our responsibility is finished.

Head looter: We don't like people who don't share. You just fucked up big time, pal.

Roger: One-stop shopping; everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Martinez: Jesus Christ, there's a thousand pigs!

Roger and Martinez point their guns at each other, at point blank range. Martinez runs away
Roger: Don't go out there!
Martinez is shot and falls off the tenement rooftop

Peter: Get its head up. Get its head up. Roger, get its head up, man!

Roger was almost bitten by a zombie, and has snapped
Roger: Bastards, you bastards. We got 'em, didn't we. We got this, man. We got this by the ass!

Peter: Roger, get your head together, we got a lot of work to do.
Roger: Number two.
Peter: You all right?
Roger: Perfect, baby. Perfect.

Roger and Peter are startled by the Old Priest
Old Priest: Senores, please to let me pass.
Roger: Let's get him to the med unit.
Old Priest: No, no, please. Just let me pass. I go up to seventh floor to find my sister, just let me pass. The people of 107 will do what you wish now.

Wooley: Come on, you dumb bastards, come and get 'em!

Peter: I've seen half a dozen men get bitten by those things. None of them lasted more than, three days.

Roger is in the basement, vomiting
Peter: You ain't just in here by yourself, boy!
Roger aims his gun at Peter
Peter: You was in Wooley's unit, wasn't you?
Peter cocks his gun
Roger: I didn't see nothing. I didn't see how he died.
They lower their guns

Head Officer in Police Dock: What are you doing here?
Stephen: We're with GON.
Officer in Police Dock: About a minute and a half on the car.
Stephen: Now, wait a minute. We're just here to refuel. Those men were already dead. Now you were here, you know that.
Head Officer in Police Dock: GON Traffic Watch. Steve Andrews.
Stephen: That's me, I'm Steve Andrews.
Head Officer in Police Dock: Yeah, no shit.

Stephen: Hello, HQ, this is Police Dock. Operator dead, post abandoned.

Roger: What's the problem, officer?
Head Officer at Police Dock: We caught your friends here stealing company gasoline.
Roger: What do you mean, "friends"?
Stephen: They know, Rog. They're running too.
Head Officer at Police Dock: Now it would be crazy to start shooting at each other.
Roger: It sure would.

Stephen: We're still pretty close to Johnstown. Those rednecks are probably enjoying this whole thing.

Roger: Jesus, it's everywhere.

Peter and Francine are flying off of the mall rooftop
Peter: How much fuel do we have?
Francine Parker: Not much.
Peter: All right.

Roger: Come on, Martinez.
Cocks his gun

Wooley: How the hell come we stick these low-life bastards in these big-ass hotels, anyway? Shit, man! This is better than I got!

Roger: Wooley's gone ape-shit, man!

Trivia about Dawn of the Dead (Divimax Edition):

  • Filmed in Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA.
  • The airstrip used in the film, the Harold W. Brown Memorial Field (aka Monroeville Municipal Airport), is still in operation as of 2002. The privately run airfield is approximately 10 miles from the Monroeville Mall, where the bulk of the film was shot.
  • The two zombie children who attack Peter in the airport chart house are played by Donna and Mike Savini, the real-life niece and nephew of Tom Savini.
  • The voice of Christine Forrest (George Romero's wife) can be heard on a pre-recorded announcement in the mall ("Attention all shoppers...").
  • The skating rink shown in the film was part of the Monroeville Mall. It has since been replaced by a food court.
  • Much of the fake blood used in the blood packets was a mixture of food coloring, peanut butter and cane sugar syrup. assistant in the television studio. Roger with revolver.
  • The weapons store featured in the film was never a part of the Monroeville Mall. George Romero shot those scenes in a gun shop in downtown Pittsburgh and edited the footage in to make it look like it was a shop in the mall.
  • Filming at the Monroeville Mall took place during the winter of 1976-77, with a three week reprieve during the Christmas shopping season (during which other footage, e.g. the TV studio, was shot). Filming at the mall began around 10 p.m., shortly after the mall closed, and finished at 6 a.m. The mall didn't open until 9, but at 6 the Muzak came on and no one knew how to turn it off.
  • Joe Pilato, who played Captain Rhodes in Day Of The Dead, appears as a policeman at the boat dock.
  • Josef Pilato auditioned for the role of Stephen.
  • The alarm company is named BIG BRUISER.
  • Tom Savini, head of makeup effects, was unhappy with how the blood mix (produced by 3M) photographed; it looked fluorescent. Director Romero, George A. felt it was perfect for the film's "comic book" style. raid).
  • Tom Savini chose a friend to play the "helicopter zombie" because he was notorious for having a low forehead.
  • Dario Argento re-cut this film to fit the Italian audiences, taking out most of the humour, leaving in all the gore and titling in Zombi to make it more of a true Italian horror film. It was such a hit that it Italian horror master Lucio Fulci filmed a sequel, titled Zombi 2 (1979). It was released around the world as Zombie. At the same time, director George Romero filmed his own sequel Day of the Dead (1985), so, in a sense, there are two sequels to this film: an Italian version and an American version.
  • Shooting at the mall was suspended over the Christmas season because it would have too costly to nightly remove and then later re-hang all the seasonal decorations
  • Extras who appeared in this film were reportedly given in cash, a box lunch, and a "Dawn of the Dead" t-shirt.
  • In order to save on production costs, director/editor George A. Romero had all the 35mm film stock developed into 16mm, and used that as his work reel. After choosing the scenes and takes he wanted, he had those alone developed into 35mm prints for the master reels.
  • There is great dispute over the film's alternate ending, where Peter shoots himself in the head and Fran commits suicide by sticking her heads up into the blades of the copter. Some, such as makeup artists Tom Savini and Taso N. Stavrakis maintain that the scene was filmed, while director George Romero used to be adamant that it wasn't. However, in the documentary "Document of the Dead" by Roy Funkes that was filmed during the making of Dawn of the Dead (and is included on some DVD copies), George Romero clearly states to Roy Funkes, as they walk around the mall set, that they did indeed film the alternative ending, although he never filmed the effects shot. Gaylen Ross had had a head mold made for the effects scene, and Tom Savini did not want to see it go to waste, so he dressed the head up as a bearded African-American man, and that is the head that explodes from a shotgun blast at the beginning of the film. To create the exploding head effect, Tom Savini cleared the set and had the head shot at with an actual shotgun.
  • With such a shoestring budget, the film couldn't afford professional stunt people outside of drivers, so makeup artist Tom Savini and assistant and friend Taso N. Stavrakis volunteered for the task. They are responsible for almost every stunt seen in the film, though not all went perfectly as planned. When filming a dive over the rail of the mall, Savini almost missed his pile of cardboard boxes, with his legs and back landing on the ground. He had to work from a golf cart for several days. The shot where Stavrakis swung down from a banner was poorly planned and he wound up continuing on and slamming into the ceiling.
  • The narration for the USA radio and TV commercials for this film was provided by Adolph Caesar.
  • The zombie with an odd fascination with Roger's M-16 rifle is Clayton Hill, who also worked as the film's weapons coordinator.
  • While writing the script for "Night of the Living Dead", George A. Romero and John A. Russo contemplated how they should have the zombies destroyed. Co-star and makeup artist Marilyn Eastman joked that they could throw pies into their faces. This is undoubtedly the basis for the pie fight scene in "Dawn of the Dead".
  • The MPAA had threatened to impose the "X" rating if George Romero didn't make cuts. Romero did not want to cut the film, and he was adamant against an "X" rating, due to its stigma of hard-core pornography. In the end, Romero was able to persuade his distributors to release the film with no rating, although on all advertising and trailers, there was a disclaimer that in effect read that while there was no explicit sex in the film, the movie was of such a violent nature that no one under 17 would be admitted.
  • Some of the actors playing zombies in the movie would frequently get drunk at a late-night bar called the Brown Derby, which was in the Monroeville Mall. One night they stole a golf cart and crashed into a marble pillar, causing ,000 worth of damage.
  • Zombie actors took photographs of themselves dressed up in full zombie makeup inside a photo booth on the second floor. They then replaced the sample pictures on the front of the booth with the ghoulish ones.